Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what is Kloex?

Kloex is a cloud based evidencing and action planning system that enables outstanding and ongoing preparation for CQC inspections.

Q: Who can use it?

Kloex is designed for the people/person responsible for CQC inspections in care homes, supported living and domiciliary care. This would usually be the registered manager but owners, deputies, quality managers may also wish to log in and use the system. KLOEs can be assigned to different individuals to ensure that it is a team approach. When CQC inspect you will be able to give them a time limited login, allowing them to see everything that you have prepared.

Q: What are Kloex’s Key Features?
  • Be assured that you are providing the best possible service of the best possible quality.
  • Self-assess against all KLOEs.
  • Safely store documentation and required evidence.
  • Utilise the action planning system to set quality improvements.
  • Delegate responsibility for individual KLOEs and track progress through automated emails.
  • See what CQC recommend you need to achieve Outstanding.
  • An audit trail shows actions taken, changes and improvements made.
  • Oversight access to those overseeing multiple services.
  • The ability to create time limited and permanent log in’s for staff and CQC inspectors.
  • Set an action against a specific KLOE and it automatically pulls into the overall action plan.
  • Saves time through ongoing preparation & action – It ensures CQC inspection readiness.
  • Clarifies strengths and weaknesses in a service or organisation helping to prioritise quality improvement.
  • Gives registered managers peace of mind and oversight, even if they are not present at the inspection.
  • Evidence no longer sits in the head of an individual, it is ready in the system.
Q: How much will it cost?

Everyone has a free 28-day trial so you can see if the system is for you, following on from this we are offering a discounted price for our first 100 customers of £50 per month / £600 per year.

Q: What if I take up the free trial and I then don’t want it?

No problem, we make it as easy as possible to cancel. If you do decide not to go ahead, we would really appreciate you contacting to let us know why you have not gone ahead.

Q: If I cancel at any time, what happens to my information?

If you cancel your account, we will retain your data on our servers for a period of 30 days, allowing you to reverse your decision if you decide to reinstate your usage of the service. After this time, we will irreversibly purge your information from our systems.

We never share your data with any third party under any circumstances, unless required to do so by law.

Q: What happens if the KLOEs change?

We will update any new/changed KLOEs within 24 hours, and any information in KLOEs that have changed will be archived for reference.

Q: I’m a dentist, will this work for me?

Not at the moment but we will be working on a version for dentists, GP surgeries and hospitals so watch this space!

Q: Will this work on a mobile device?

Not currently

Q: I own four care homes, will I need four separate logins?

Each account created in Kloex allows for multiple branches and logins under the same organisation. Our Version 1.0 release will include the ability to switch between branches and also to have an organisational view.

Q: I would like to give some feedback on Kloex, can I do this?

Yes! Please do, whether positive or negative or ideas to improve or expand what it does, please email:

Q: Will this guarantee a CQC Outstanding rating?

No, you will decide what evidence to upload under each KLOE and can present this to CQC. They will however decide what they would like to look at and judge how to rate the service.

Q: Will CQC be able to access Kloex?

Yes, you will be able to assign them a temporary login for example for two weeks that can be extended by you if you need to do so. You would also be able to assign a temporary login to other people for instance if the registered manager will be absent from the service for any reason or if a commissioner wanted to audit the service.

Q: Can we have training on the software?

This can be arranged please contact for a discussion on your requirements and for a quote.

Q: Will I benefit from being involved in the Beta?

Of course! Contact us now and we can talk it through with you.

Q: Where is Kloex hosted?

Kloex is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's leading provider of cloud infrastructure.

Servers are situated in Amazon's London region, which consists of three fully redundant data centres allowing for continuity in the event of failure. The data centres are physically protected by sophisticated security measures.

To guarantee uptime, our servers are automatically monitored around the clock for health and performance metrics. Alerts are dispatched to our technical team on the detection of any anomaly, allowing us to be proactive in maintaining quality of service.

Q: How secure is Kloex?

Communication between your browser and the Kloex server is encrypted via TLS, indicated by the "https" prefix. This is the same encryption used by online banking websites, and prevents any interception of data during transit.